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Why you should use a cleaner for your rental bond clean-up

  In general, a rental bond costs four weeks rent. If you are renting a house, that can add up to a lot of money. When your lease expires, your landlord is going to expect to see the house at least as clean and tidy as it was when you moved in. Some landlords will be stricter than others and you could loose half your bond or more if your house isn't spick and span. You can spend a week tidying up your house for your rental bond clean-up and still overlook something. The best way to ensure you get your bond payment back in full is to hire a rental bond cleaning service. Rental bond cleaning services are specialists and know what to do to ensure your rental property is in spotless condition. Choosing a Cleaner for Your Rental Bond Clean-Up A rental bond clean-up service can cost* as little as $15 an hour, but the average cost is closer to $30 an hour. When you get quotes from these services, don't choose the cheapest service until you've done your homework. A professio