Carpet Cleaning: Hire or DIY?

If you want to do DIY carpet cleaning, you can find a number of places to hire a carpet cleaning machine. This will be less expensive than hiring a professional service, so is there any reason for you to spend extra and hire a professional carpet cleaning service?

What Does a Carpet Cleaning Machine Do?

A carpet cleaning machine basically washes your carpet with a detergent and water solution. It works the solution into the carpet and then vacuums up the moisture along with the dirt and grime. All carpet cleaning machines are not alike, though. Hire machines are generally less powerful than professional equipment and don't use hot water in the cleaning process. You can try to get around this by pouring hot water into the machine, but it won't stay hot for long.

Another disadvantage to most hire machines is that they aren't powerful enough to remove most of the moisture from the carpet. You can dry the carpets by pointing fans at them, but if the moisture remains for more than 24 hours, mildew may begin to grow in the carpet.

While there are disadvantages to hire carpet cleaning machines, that doesn't mean you should never DIY clean your carpets. You should, however, be careful about choosing a hire machine. Try to find a better quality and relatively new machine and you will get better results.

Pros and Cons of Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are advantages to having your carpets professionally cleaned. A good service will employ trained technicians and use top quality carpet cleaning machinery. Truck mounted machinery is best because it is more powerful and will give your carpet a deeper clean. The machinery will also remove more moisture from your carpet.

A good professional service may also pre-treat your carpet with a solution that will break down oils that have accumulated in your carpet. They will know from experience how to deep clean your carpets and will guarantee their work. When you hire a carpet cleaning machine, there are no guarantees.

You have to be cautious when hiring a carpet cleaning service. The industry is unregulated in Australia, which means anyone can buy carpet cleaning machinery and claim to be a professional carpet cleaning service. Since a trade licence is not required, you need to do your homework before hiring a professional service or you could be wasting your money. These are some things to ask every service you get quotes from:

  • How long have you been in business in this area?
  • Do you belong to a professional association?
  • Do you carry insurance?
  • Is your work guaranteed?

A business that is well-established in your area is probably a trustworthy business and will be happy to provide you with references. Better carpet cleaning services belong to a professional association because their membership is proof that they adhere to an association Code of Conduct. Any trade that works in your home should be fully insured, including a carpet cleaning service. Their insurance is your assurance that they take their job seriously and you won't be held liable in case of an accident or mishap on your property. Finally, a professional service will always stand behind their work with a guarantee.

DIY or Professional?

Professional carpet cleaning is significantly more expensive than hiring a DIY machine. Should you save money and do it yourself or spend more on a professional service? Professional services recommend having your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. In between, you can use a hire machine. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned once a year or when it becomes particularly grimy (for instance, after a party) will ensure your carpet has been deep cleaned. Beyond just looking better, a clean carpet lasts longer than a dirty carpet and deep-cleaning helps get rid of dust mites and other allergens.

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