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End of lease cleaning in Brisbane professional have obtained expertise, and extending their service to the tenants. Experience bond cleaning  will prove  best to set home cleaning service based on the time and effort each location and top quality house cleaning.

Checklist for End of Lease cleaning.

General / Bedrooms
  • Cupboard doors, drawers and shelves cleaned.
  • Mirrors Cleaned.
  • Powerpoints and light switches cleaned.
  • Wardrobe doors, tracks and shelves cleaned.
  • Ceiling fans cleaned.
  • Air conditioning vents cleaned.
  • Light fitting dusted and wiped.
  • Porches and steps swept.
  • Cob webs removed internally.
  • Air conditioners cleaned.
  • Carpet floors vacuumed.
  • Garage swept and cobwebs removed.
  • Skirting, cornices, balustrades dusted and wiped.
  • Timber, tiled and vinyl floors swept and mopped.
  • Clean windows including tracks and sills, clean all floors.


  • Use warm water and mild detergent cabinets cleaned inside and outside, cupboard cleaned inside, outside and top.
  • Bench tops, drawers, shelves, doors cleaned.
  • Dishwasher cleaned inside and outside, clean counters, remove any staines and be sure to polish all fixtures.
  • Light fitting dusted and wiped splashbacks wiped.
  • Sinks and taps cleaned.
  • Oven door and oven interior degreases and cleaned remove racks and broiler pan, soak in hot water to clean, dry well.
  • Clean inside of oven, top os stove, under elements, pan drawer, exhaust fan, hood.
  • Remove lower drawer and clean under stove.
  • Wash and dry outside of stove.
  • Floor swept and mopped.
  • Walls and doors cleaned.

  • Mirror cleaned and polished.
  • Mould treated and scrubbed.
  • Bath cleaned, rinsed and left shining.
  • Basin and vanity scrubbed, all items removed and replaced.
  • Toilets scrubbed and disinfected, including base and behind.
  • Sills wiped down shower recess scrubbed, fitting and glass cleaned.
  • Floors vacuumed amd mopped.
  • Ceiling, exhaust fan cleaned.
  • Light switched clean.
  • Tiles and fitting cleaned and left shining.
  • Waste bin cleaned and left shining.

  • Dust & wash down doors / walls / skirting.
  • Vacuum all sills, tracks & screens, clean windows thoroughly ensuring no streaks / smudges.
  • Vacuum & wash all light shades, removing all bugs, vacuum all exhaust fans.
  • Wipe over with damp cloth on power light switch.
  • Vacuum & wash remove pieces of soap, scale & lint on wash tube and cupboards.
  • Wipe & vacuum inside & out on washing machine and dryer.
  • Floor swept and mopped, walls and doors cleaned
  • Window cleaned, tracks cleaned.
The process of end of lease cleaning in North Brisbane is a special requirement which demands expert attention; else the tenant would risk their money in the hand of their landlord.


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