How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service


Spring is the perfect time for a well needed clean around the home. Winter’s colder months mean we spend more time inside the home and less outdoors, leaving the place in need of some deep cleaning and de cluttering. More than just looking better it’s also good for your health to keep the home clean and tidy, with the home’s cleanliness having an impact on your physical and mental health.

Less dust and clutter also means you can breath better which is a bonus for any asthma or allergy sufferers whose sensitivity can really increase when the thermometer does. One of the most common causes of the cold and flu is dust, as well tiny dust mites and their microscopic feces can also be a major factor in illness and sickness. A regular clean will remove this factor from your home

There are multiple benefits of hiring a professional cleaner to come and do the elbow work for you. Especially in terms of saving you time, a home cleaning service can help if you are trying to balance a number of tasks like taking care of children and keeping a full time job. Or even for young professionals with a hectic life, a home cleaning service can free up a lot of valuable time or cut out any home chore arguments with flat mates.

If you’re thinking to hire a cleaner, you want to make sure you get the right person for the job as they will be in your home and might even have a spare key. To be really smart on your spring clean and hire the right home cleaner for the job, here are some essential questions you should ask other than just how much do you charge.


How much experience do your home cleaners have?

It’s good to get a background of the experience the cleaners might have and any training that the company provides for them. Essentially you’re investigating the quality of the clean and doing a little background check of the cleaners’ profession, just like in any job interview. Don’t be scared to ask questions like this as you are giving the company your potential business. Any quality cleaning business will gladly answer a few enquiries to score your business, especially if it will be a regular job.   

Do they have public liability insurance?

 Not all cleaners may have this, but if in the unfortunate event there is damage to your home during a clean, if the company has insurance they can be covered for the costs of the damage. In a thorough clean this could happen to any vases, photo frames, ornaments or any delicate belongings. Although with a professional cleaning service it is unlikely for their to be extensive damage, accidents can happen so it’s good to know you would be covered in the case of one.

What are the service offerings?

 Does the company have a standard list of product offerings, such as end of lease cleans, once off cleans and regular clean pricing. You want to find a cleaner that will suit your needs, and if you need to customise anything such as a room for pets that needs extra attention, or multiple bathrooms that need a regular clean, then you are able to add this to the service.

Who will do the cleaning?

It’s probably not going to be the same person who is giving you the quote, so if you’re going to be handing over a spare key to your home, it’s good to know who will actually be doing the cleaning. Consider asking some background questions about the cleaners and the hiring process, like does the company do a police check on cleaners before they are hired?

Will they bring cleaning products?

This is an important one to know whether you will need to provide cleaning products and utensils or whether the cleaners will bring their own along. Keep in mind that if they are bringing the equipment, it may have also been used in other homes. You may want to consider providing a mop for instance, so that whatever is on the floor of the house down the road doesn’t end up on your floor.

What are the terms of service?

It’s good to ask what the company policies are around cancelling or rearranging a clean. If they have a cancellation or change fee, then at least you know this ahead of time so you can plan and ensure dates booked in, will work around your schedule and budget. Also make sure to ask if the regular clean will occur on the same day and time each week, or if it will change depending on the company’s other commitments and bookings.



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